I want to create wifi router qith arduino

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Hi everyone.
Sorry i dont know russian well.
I never used arduino before.
I want to create wifi router with arduino.because i cant find any router wich will work on 12v.
I want it for car .at this moment i'm using wifi router wich needs 110 v and power inverter to generate that voltage from car ,but inverter and router togather take big space and thay arn't comfortable.
So if anyone can help ...
I'm not begginer in electric but i never used arduino.
So please tell me what i need to create it and upload pics of scheme.
(P.S. I need that router worked on 4G. And was powerfull. It must connect about 20 device on 30 meter radius)


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Sorry i don't know english well.
Your router uses a power supply (110V) for which you are using the power inverter. But what a working voltage of the router's internal circuitry? You just need to find the DC DC converter 12v(car voltage) -> in the power voltage of the router board.

It's very easy....if you "not begginer in electric"

(Yes! Google translate... mostly :) )


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I think you do not need to reinvent the wheel ... all conventional routers are usually open from 9 or 12 volts ... so much Arduino device can not be used as, a silly idea, really .. buy an ordinary router, to abandon their native power and connect the router directly from the car battery ... if it is powered by 12 volts ... if by 9, then make (or buy) a simple diagram of a down 12 volts at 9 ...

Andy аватар
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I would like to add my own 5 cents... As you are not beginner in electric you will probably have no problem in connecting two devices like SIM808 and ESP8266 to Arduino, but this task is not just to connect it is rather to program. How experienced are you in programming?